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  1. Hi,

    You know it’s true…

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  2. Hey,

    You have a website colsecurity.com.co, right?

    Of course you do. I am looking at your website now.

    It gets traffic every day – that you’re probably spending $2 / $4 / $10 or more a click to get. Not including all of the work you put into creating social media, videos, blog posts, emails, and so on.

    So you’re investing seriously in getting people to that site.

    But how’s it working? Great? Okay? Not so much?

    If that answer could be better, then it’s likely you’re putting a lot of time, effort, and money into an approach that’s not paying off like it should.

    Now… imagine doubling your lead conversion in just minutes… In fact, I’ll go even better.

    You could actually get up to 100X more conversions!

    I’m not making this up. As Chris Smith, best-selling author of The Conversion Code says: Speed is essential – there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a Lead is contacted within 14 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

    He’s backed up by a study at MIT that found the odds of contacting a lead will increase by 100 times if attempted in 5 minutes or less.

    Again, out of the 100s of visitors to your website, how many actually call to become clients?

    Well, you can significantly increase the number of calls you get – with ZERO extra effort.

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    PS: Don’t just take my word for it, TalkWithCustomer works:
    EMA has been looking for ways to reach out to an audience. TalkWithCustomer so far is the most direct call of action. It has produced above average closing ratios and we are thrilled. Thank you for providing a real and effective tool to generate REAL leads. – P MontesDeOca.
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  5. Hello colsecurity.com.co,

    People ask, “why does TalkWithCustomer work so well?”

    It’s simple.

    TalkWithCustomer enables you to connect with a prospective customer at EXACTLY the Perfect Time.

    – NOT one week, two weeks, three weeks after they’ve checked out your website colsecurity.com.co.
    – NOT with a form letter style email that looks like it was written by a bot.
    – NOT with a robocall that could come at any time out of the blue.

    TalkWithCustomer connects you to that person within seconds of THEM asking to hear from YOU.

    They kick off the conversation.

    They take that first step.

    They ask to hear from you regarding what you have to offer and how it can make their life better.

    And it happens almost immediately. In real time. While they’re still looking over your website colsecurity.com.co, trying to make up their mind whether you are right for them.

    When you connect with them at that very moment it’s the ultimate in Perfect Timing – as one famous marketer put it, “you’re entering the conversation already going on in their mind.”

    You can’t find a better opportunity than that.

    And you can’t find an easier way to seize that chance than TalkWithCustomer.

    CLICK HERE http://www.talkwithcustomer.com now to take a free, 14-day test drive and see what a difference “Perfect Timing” can make to your business.


    PS: If you’re wondering whether NOW is the perfect time to try TalkWithCustomer, ask yourself this:
    Will doing what I’m already doing now produce up to 100X more leads?
    Because those are the kinds of results we know TalkWithCustomer can deliver.
    It shouldn’t even be a question, especially since it will cost you ZERO to give it a try.
    CLICK HERE http://www.talkwithcustomer.com to start your free 14-day test drive today.

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